Jot #7 Okinawa - The late summer

Off to the Islands! 

Before my final destination, firstly I dropped in to the Naha Airport and walked around the city. 


pop color cabs 

Jot #2 Katsunuma, Japan - May


Look at the ground, the beautiful geometrical patterns cast by the grape vines.

My favourite scenes of Katsunuma, Koshu city, Yamanashi, Japan.

I wonder you can see the beautiful scape. There’s filled with the sounds of birds and covered with the fields of grape vines. All farmers are growing the vines with great care.

Haramo Wine ー Koshu City, Yamanshi, Japan

This historical winery is said that built 130years ago. I do not know a lot about wine but The Haramo’s wine is famous for that it is awarded the best Japanese wine Show. They also hold the restaurant in this Japanese traditional architecture and serve good local dishes which use seasonal vegetables, of course go well with The Haramo’s wine.

Sakura Notes
Let me show you my home town in Japan, where I came from.
This landscape is the view from really nearby my home. In my childhood, I played here around everyday. At that time, those trees were so little young, thin and less blooms.
Now that after 20years passed, they have grown up well and turned into beautiful place filled with Sakura bloomings.
My father then tells me the spring sign with his rare photographs
( So surprised that it’s my first time ever to know he is good at photo. ).
Whenever I look up at the trees, I can’t stop my feeling as if they tell me how long the time have passed by all living things in life.

back to days - Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

jot#1 Kusatsu, Japan in autumn

I’ll show you my direction where i visited to.

A) Kusatsu Town, where you can take hot springs and stay old comfortable “ryokan”, traditional japanese style inns.

B) Mt. Shirane, the view from the top is breathtaking landscape. 


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and more steps into the fog.

It is my first look at the picturesque landscapes spread out before me,

taken at Mt. Shirane nearby Kusatsu onsen inns area.

More info is here below. 

Kusatsu Oct 26 , 2011
By augment5 Inc. (Tokyo, Japan)

You can’t miss this professional video which suggests you beautiful scenes around Kusatsu.

My favourite scenes of Kusatsu Onsesn.

I collected my favourite scenes by my iPhone4.

(Sorry for poorer image quality than professional one.)

All the time you can hear the source of hot springs keep flowing.

Let you take a deep breath.

the dayoff at Kusatsu Onsen, Oct 2013

Kusatsu town is the best hot spring baths (onsen) spots located in Gunma, Japan. 

You can get cordial hospitality by these traditional style of Japanese inns and see beautiful sceneries surrounded by the foliage mountains.

more information about Kusatsu Onsen, is here under.

Ouch Pokes

  • Q: Isn't too much enough of your travel plan? Can you cover all the amount of your travel costs?
  • Me: mmmm, that's the problem! now I'm very short of running all!

How about next travels

I’m going to visit a lot places since after 2014 for all my long life!

Notes here is under are all my schedules… Wish I could go around!

  • Kusatsu Onsen, Gunma, Japan - Oct. 2013 
  • Katsunuma, Yamanashi, Japan - May. 2014
  • London, Cambridge, Oxford, U.K. - Jun. 2014
  • Paris, France - Jul. 2014
  • Miyakojima Island, Okinawa, Japan - Sep. 2014
  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • HongKong, China
  • Shanghai, China
  • Vladivostok, Russia
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Kiev, Ukraine
  • Astana, Kazakhstan
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Scotland
  • Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik, Iceland
  • NewYork City, U.S.A.

That’s all now and then, I’ll add places more.